Massage and Ayurveda

“Recently my neck muscles became so tense, that I could not bear the immobility or discomfort. Hilary managed to completely alleviate the pain and restore my mobility after only one incredibly healing and informative session. I was amazed!” TG

“I had been looking for a massage therapist and have been to many in L.A. who just weren’t ‘hearing’ what I needed or didn’t seem to care. Then, through a twist of luck and a turn of fate, someone recommended I see Hilary. She is more than a massage therapist. She has an intuitive knowing about people that lives on a different plane. I cannot say enough about her ability to heal, even if at the end of the day you find that what you really needed to heal was emotional.” ML

“I was lucky to have PanchaKarma with Hilary Kimblin. Her graceful fingers created miracles as they precisely found problem places on my body, which they then carefully worked on. Every time, when I left Hilary’s treatment room, I felt lightness in my whole body, and an unusual emotional elevation and inner peace.” YA

“Thank you, Hilary! I wholeheartedly recommend your care to anyone who wants to feel like royalty.” Dr. L, DC

Therapeutic Yoga with an Ayurvedic Slant

“Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner Hilary Kimblin Licht knows the strength and power of aligning with your true self during chaotic times. She also appreciates the value of getting outside, laughing, and not taking yourself too seriously. Kimblin’s approach to yoga is warm and exuberant — she emphasizes that spiritual growth and fun are not mutually exclusive. Kimblin encourages her students to find physical and emotional balance and to explore their mind/heart connection – all with a smile.” Lauren Maher LA Yoga Travel Examiner

“Hilary makes you feel at home while you practice the different Asanas and breathing exercises…her practice also includes some HasyaYoga (laughter yoga) exercises – all of this in a fun flexible format suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners of yoga.Good for the soul as well as the body!!” Ramon

“If you are interested in beautiful natural surroundings and great exercise with like-minded sweet people, you would enjoy this group.” Mary

“Hilary is an excellent yoga therapist and teacher to patients who need a more holistic approach to their health in our ever-changing, and often confusing, healthcare system.” K. Scheu, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

“Hilary is amazing. She is full of such positive energy and is so grounded and connected to life! I just loved being a part of her Full Moon Yoga hike.” Dina


Agape International Spiritual Center
Baycrest Care Center
Beach House Hotel, Hermosa Beach
Beauty Bus
Beverly Hilton
Beverly Wilshire
Burning Man Festival
California Ayurvedic Association of Medicine
Celebration of Oneness, Pasadena Convention Center
Creative Artists Agency
Dancing Shiva Yoga and Ayurveda
Elevator Films/CTV Canada
Endemol Television/Channel 4 UK
Enliven Festival
Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island
FEMA New Orleans
Hancock Park Senior Assistance Living
HEMA Wellness Program
Huntington Memorial Hospital
Inner Health Dr. Zail
International Association of Yoga Therapists
Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center
Los Angeles Center Studios
Los Angeles County Dept. of Human Resources
Los Angeles Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Luxe Hotel
Mr. C Hotel, Beverly Hills
NBA player – R. Artest
NFL player – F. Rucker
Novo Nordisk
Omni Hotel
Pacific Clinics ~ Portals Mariposa Clubhouse in Los Angeles
Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills
Sierra Club
Smuggler Production Company
Spero Treatment Center
Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research
Time Warner Cable
University of California Los Angeles
University of Southern California
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Wellness Works Fair for LA County Foster Youth
WeSpark Cancer Support Center
Westwood Horizons
United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Laughter Yoga

“Hilary taught the guys Laughter Yoga. Yes, in prison…..laughing…for no reason other than to practice smiling, laughing, breathing, being at peace. We were making faces, moving in slow motion, acting like we had big bellies, acting like we were politicians and had to exaggerate our introduction to one another using a form of language known as gibberish and driving imaginary cars around the room.We had 100% participation. Thank you Hilary, you were amazing being so present and fun!” Judy Osuna, Terminal Island

“Laughter makes you a happier better person and Hilary rocks! By the end of class you laugh at everything!” Jennifer

“Hilary is GREAT! Her laughter is infectious and she has an easy way about herself. I hope she continues this!” Dann

“Everyone needs the combination of laughing so hard and elimination of thinking things too hard once in a while.” Miho

“Laughter is such healing medicine.” Debra

“This is a great tension release. Hilary was a great “laughter” leader.”Tevis

 “It’s a good option for getting the endorphins in your body to do their job. You feel absolutely lovely when you leave. Childlike. Everyone was really willing to get into the game of it. And those who were slow to warm up were definitely encouraged by our friendly leader, Hilary. She was great! Lots of freeing fun and laughter with complete strangers. Nothing strange about that…I think everyone should try it. It should certainly be one of the professional company retreat exercises!” Leyna

Maternity Services

The labor inducing acupressure massage promoted a gradual and manageable labor. It was fast and natural, no need for any type of pain relief and not because I was trying to be a super woman, but I just didn’t feel I needed it.  I am extremely grateful for Hilary’s knowledge and help in both of my labor processes, needless to say I highly recommend her to any woman who would like to try a natural child birth.”  Linda

“I can’t thank you enough for being such a great support while I was in labor! You were so patient and calm which made the labor so much easier to deal with.” O. N. Mother of four

“After finding out I was pregnant, I realized I needed something to help boost my health mentally and physically. Prenatal yoga with Hilary has really helped me build more strength, flexibility and confidence. Plus, the breathing exercises are great in preparing for labor.” Mildred M, First Time Mom

“I found Hilary through Goldenbridge Yoga when I was 6 months pregnant, and in need of a good massage. I was so pleased to find her because Hilary has a calming presence and a great touch. Throughout my pregnancy, she knew exactly how to release all my sore aches and pains and so I continued to visit her weekly. Now that I have a new baby, I am still very relieved to have her massages…Yes, I am one happy camper!” Michelle, First Time Mom

“My husband and I took HypnoBirthing lessons with Hilary and they were extremely helpful during the birth of our son. Hilary is a delight, and helped us develop the tools we needed for a natural birth. Highly recommend. Thanks Hilary!!!” Nicole, First Time Mom